Welcome to the project website of “ΕΑGLES” - Empowering and Activating the young Generation through the Learning of Employability Skills. The ultimate aim of this project is to strengthen the psychological resilience of youth workers by supplying them with educational and psychological resources to cope effectively and perform their work successfully. By training youth workers (coaches) in four EU countries is considered as a valuable effort to transfer transnational knowledge and skills to their workplace and be effective in coaching young job seekers. 

The EAGLES is an EU-funded project under the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Programme. The duration of the project is 14 months (Project start date: 01/04/2016, Project end date: 30/05/2017). 

The main aim of EAGLES project is to develop an innovative and very practical training package including positive psychology principles as well as employability skills that foster young individuals’ coping skills as well as their entrepreneurial spirit. 

Through an in-depth national needs’ analysis and a detailed review of previous literature and relevant current projects and initiatives in a national and European level, EAGLES, will identify the existing gap in EU countries and will develop a new, practical training programme for youth workers.