Panteio Panepistimio Koinonikon & Politikon Epistimon

Anastasios Stalikas

Dr Anastasios Stalikas is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Panteion University, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, consultant and personal coach. His clinical, educational and research interests focus on the application of the principles of Positive Psychology in: (a) mental health, psychotherapy and counselling, (b) organisations, work environments and groups, and (c) personal development and continuing education. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals, more than 10 books and 20 chapters. He has a 25-year experience as teacher, trainer, consultant and coach for a variety of organisations in the private and the public sector, in more than 10 countries. He has served as associate editor of scientific Journals, President or Board member of scientific associations, is the President of the Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology ( and a member of the American and Canadian Psychological Associations. 

Eirini Karakasidou, MSc, Ph.D.c.
Eirini earned a B.A in Psychology from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens and a M.Sc. in Sport Psychology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is a Ph. D student in the Department of Psychology at Panteion University (Self-Compassion).
Currently, she teaches Positive Psychology at a graduate level at the Department of Psychology at Panteion University as well as at the educational program of Hellenic Association of Positive Psychology and is a lecturer at ICPS, where she teaches sport psychology. Furthermore, she works privately as sport psychologist as well as a psychotherapist.
She has been trained as behavioral psychotherapist in the University Mental Health Research Institute and currently she’s been trained in existential psychotherapy. 
She is an active researcher in the field of sport and positive psychology. She has also actively pursued research in the field of psychometric tools construction and research methodology.
Christos Pezirkianidis
Christos Pezirkianidis is a pychologist, counsellor and researcher. He currently works as a psychometrician in the personnel selection of the Greek airforce and is a PhD candidate in Panteion University.  His PhD thesis is on the topic of Positive Psychology and concerns the construction of a theoretical model about the influence of adult friendship characteristics to positive, individual factors such as wellbeing, character strengths and personal values. Furthermore, his research interests concern psychometric studies and the investigation of protective factors against the unemployment and economic crisis consequences. He has presented his research results in scientific conferences and published his first articles in scientific journals on the topic of Positive Psychology. He is coteaching Positive Psychology and Psychometrics at Panteion University.